About Us

We made AllSportsTracker so that your recruiting scouting efforts are minimal and you have every stat’s about every athlete at your fingertips. It's useful for both coaches and players. For the coaches, we have made it so you can see stats of the athletes, footage, and breakdowns of the player. For the players, it is one of the easiest ways to get your name out there and to get you in front of coaches. Get in touch with us for a free demo or sign up to get started!

Main Features of AllSportsTracker include:

Scan QR Code

Integrated QR code scanner on the Tablet application for the coaches to easily identify the students by scanning the QR code with the students. 


Integrated Stopwatch to track time-related parameters for every sport.

Student Performance Graphs

Students can view their parameter wise performance for each position of the sports they play. Coaches can view the parameter wise performances of every student.

Bookmarking students

Students will be notified by email as interests shown by the coach when a coach bookmarks a student.