How it Helps Coaches

All Sports Tracker revolutionizes how coaches access, detect and recruit athletes and opponents. They have every athlete in the country at their fingertips, the scouting efforts are thus kept minimal. It lets them control recruiting wherever they are, on the device of their choice and even manage info offline. This helps them focus more on quality and performance of each player.

  • Real-time access to players’ information- personal, athletic and academic
  • Coaches get better player visibility, more real-time player information- stats of the athletes, footage, breakdowns of the entire player and more
  • Powerful reports help to closely follow players
  • Different information access levels
  • Compatible with all devices

How it Helps Players

All Sports Tracker is an app for players who live for their sport. Players can create a free athletic profile on the largest recruiting network where thousands of coaches have access to athletes. It provides players greater opportunity for easy exposure, to get their name out there, readily accessible by top coaches.

  • Manage and organize information easily
  • More visibility and opportunities for players to get recruited
  • Student-athletes can connect with college coaches
  • Full evaluation and accurate data record helps them self-evaluate and improve

Camp Benefits

Sporting camps that test an athletes’ skill set and collect those measurements is all done manually. This allows for inconsistent scores, discrepancies and sometimes wrong information. These scores are extremely important to a college coach.

All Sports Tracker has taken the manual collection of scores out of the mix. Each athlete at the event will be given a bar code bracelet that is unique to the athlete. The coach scans the bar code confirms the name and begins the drills.

Timed skills are captured via the stop watch and non-timed skills are captured via the device keyboard. This eliminates the need for coaches to hand write scores which someone else must decipher, this takes another element for errors off the table. This data will be saved directly to the cloud and will be available to college coaches immediately. Saving to the cloud allow coaches to track an athletes’ performance allowing the coaches the ability decide on any one player quickly since they don’t have to wait for the camp to post the scores.